MonogatariThis is Monogatari. No, it's not Japanese Popular's Light Novel. It's Visual Novel Engine. Simply, Visual Novel Engine is engine for making Visual Novel.

But why Monogatari? Monogatari is the best visual novel engine that I've ever found. The syntax itself is so simple until I'm literally bad at Javascript but understand how to coding these. So, I don't think this is useful but I should tell this.

So, in the option.js there is code like this, and I think it was default:

// Name of the Splash Screen Label. If a name is given and a label with that
// name exists on the game's script, it will be used to show a splash screen
// right after the loading screen.
'SplashScreenLabel': '_SplashScreen',

If you not changed it, you can write it on the script.js

  '_SplashScreen': [
             'show scene intro',
             'wait 3000',

That's it.